Rehabilitation from Drugs and Alcohol: Providing people the last chance

Farm with rehabilitation center located in Yaroslavl, Russia, for young drug addicts.

  • Located three hours north of Moscow.
  • 50-60 people live and work at the center. The personnel are former drug addicts.
  • A typical rehabilitant has used hard drugs for several years.
  • In operation since 2000, the farm is a flourishing, self-sufficient base bringing forth both natural and spiritual harvest.

Rehabilitation homes for mothers with young children, located in Asbest and Alapayevsk, Russia

  • The centers help drug and alcohol addicted mothers with children in desperate life situations: a very rare type of rehabilitation center in Russia.
  • Provide housing for app. 20 mothers at anytime for an extensive one-year program.
  • Help in finding jobs and housing.
  • The days are filled with education in everyday chores, childcare, consultation, instruction in motherhood and occupational skills.