Baby Boxes

Baby box project offers immediate help to the infant and mother – but also much more.

Boxes of necessities for babies and their young mothers are distributed in Bulgarian Roma (Gypsy) villages and elsewhere.

The mothers who receive the package also receive motherhood instruction and teaching, health care, and mental and spiritual help and support.

Bulgarian Roma girls and women are amongst the neediest people in Eastern Europe.

Poverty and few occupational opportunities drive them to beg, steal, and prostitute themselves.
It is a burden for parents to provide for their daughters, so they marry them off as early as possible.

Most Roma girls become mothers between the ages of thirteen and fifteen. Young mothers usually do not receive instruction for mothering or health care. They meet a medical person for the first time when it is time to deliver the baby. Often they do not possess the most basic necessities for their newborns. Their difficulties are multiplied due to poor living conditions, lack of proper hygiene, and lack of education. Ignorance and old practices are passed to following generations. 

Mission Possible can make a difference by working with local churches to fill baby boxes and by teaching healthy habits and methods in the communities where we serve.

We have already been reaching Roma villages through soup kitchens and children’s education projects since 1998.

Helping Russia’s young single mothers in desperate circumstances

For many years Mission Possible has helped children and their mothers in Russia, and now the BabyBox program is starting there, too.

Many of Russia’s young single mothers – some are just teenagers – have grown up in alcoholic families or orphanages. Without familial support they end up on the streets and become victims of abuse. They raise their children in deplorable conditions. Baby clothes and items are a great help for them, and we are able to provide those.

We also arrange official matters, renovate their living places, find furniture and baby equipment, and help them care for their children. When needed, they reside in our shelter homes. Support from people who care reaches these desperate mothers and their precious babies, and the Gospel message is shared with them all.

How you can help:

The clothes for the boxes are collected in Finland where baby boxes have a history of eighty years and the Finnish people are familiar with this concept.

The boxes contain not only clothes but baby care products (such as diapers, lotions, scissors, hairbrushes), baby toys, and instructional materials. These items and the large boxes which contain them are purchased in the destination countries, where prices are lower. This also reduces the transportation costs.

The boxes are backed in the target country by our team and volunteers.

As of September 2017, about 400 baby boxes have been distributed in the Roma villages.

The total cost for one box, its included items, transportation, literature, and instruction and care for the mother and baby is 60 dollars (50 euros). You can participate by sending any amount designated to “baby boxes.” Thank you for your help!



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