Newsletter for February and March, 2016

Ignat Ivanov, President

This newsletter’s editorial was written by Andrey Ivanov. He and his wife Natasha have led Mission Possible’s work in Yekaterinburg, Russia, for more than ten years. May his word and the stories of the children’s changed lives encourage you. As a result of your help, miracles are taking place!

From what have these children been saved?

Andrey and Natasha Ivanov

In the time we live, there are crises in many spheres of life. It is said that there is a crisis even in the area of charity and people’s willingness to sacrifice for the good of others. Is this true?

When our personal financial situation is shaken (not to mention the global economy), is it easy to think about someone else’s needs and to share what we have? No, it is not easy. It has never been.

Sacrifice is always about giving away something that has value to us and something that we would need. But a sacrifice, given genuinely for the genuine needs of others, has a power to save! Through some recent testimonies, I would like to encourage all of you by giving some examples of how your sacrificial gifts have rescued children and changed their lives.

Tima and Olya are wonderful, joyful, and incredibly talented children. They are gentle and eager to learn. At school they are praised by their teachers. But just two months ago their situation was completely different. Life in their home was dominated by alcohol and filled with abuse and fighting. The mother and the children were beaten by their father. After one beating the mother had a stroke, was paralyzed, and lost her mind. The children were left to themselves. Suffering from hunger and neglect, they were forced to wander the streets and seek shelter in doorways. Their fate was changed because your donations make our work possible.

You helped Alexey get treatment for tuberculosis. He was rescued from life in a home devastated by a drug-using father. The boy now receives specialized treatment and his aunt will take custody of him.

Dear Friends, your gifts are much more important and appreciated than you think! They save children from nightmarish circumstances – children who are too young to help themselves; children who do not deserve such horrific treatment. With your help, we’ll continue to rewrite their destinies.

A girl who “ate too much”

“Dad said that I ate too much. I tried not to eat, but sometimes I felt really hungry.”

Katya is a slim girl with big blue eyes. She was brought to our shelter home by her father. The mother is in prison for reasons unknown to us. The father remarried, and his new wife did not want to take care of his children.

Giving away his older children one by one, the father finally abandoned Katya as well. His reason was that “she ate too much.” Katya’s older siblings, all still minors, make their livings by selling their bodies to adults.

It is obvious that this girl has been deprived of affection. She loves to be hugged and kissed by our shelter’s caregivers. She writes nice cards to the workers and volunteers, too.

Katya is a kind-hearted and understanding child. She never shows resentment or anger or annoyance. When there are conflicts between children, she tries to explain to them how to make amends.

When she heard the message of Christ, she immediately and sincerely accepted it. She loves to participate in the reading of the Bible. In her prayers she always gives thanks to God for the shelter house and prays no one would get ill and that all would be obedient.


Your gifts made it possible for Katya, abandoned by her father, to come to Mission Possible’s shelter home. It is there where she learns about God, is enrolled in school, takes piano lessons, and is loved by a large family.

A boy who saw his mother killed

If a child sees his mother stabbed to death by an unknown person in front of their home, will he ever forget it?

Will this experience change his thinking and attitude about life and the people in it? Will it affect his character?

The answers to these questions are obvious…

The story of almost every child who comes to our shelter home is full of tragic experiences. Sometimes you look at them and sadly realize that these children haven’t seen anything good in their lives.

Daniel lost his parents during the first six years of his life. His father died from drug abuse, and he witnessed his mother’s murder.

After these things Daniel was taken in by his mother’s second husband. But when Daniel was fifteen, his stepfather abandoned him.

His foster family tried to provide his practical needs, but Daniel needed much more. Following the house rules “like everyone else” didn’t help Daniel work through and heal from the events of his past.

Once again, he experienced abandonment and exclusion.

This young man was brought to our shelter home. Everybody wanted to get to know him. The children and adults told him that he bears the name of a biblical character. Daniel delights in helping around the house and playing with the children.

But most importantly, he is genuinely thrilled and inspired by the stories of the Bible which he hears. Among his favorites are the stories of the prophet whose name he bears, and the good news of the Savior, who sacrificed Himself for us. He asked for a Bible for himself and spends a long time reading it each day.

The change in Daniel happened very quickly, which didn’t go unnoticed by his old friends and teachers at school. Some laughed at him, some were concerned. But there is a new spark of light in him that the ridicule and criticism have not been able to quench.

There is still much in his character that remains as it was: outbursts of anger towards those who annoy or upset him, and an unwillingness to comply with some rules regarding studies and leisure time. Nevertheless, Daniel has been more receptive to talking about responsibilities than other boys his age.

Daniel likes attending church youth meetings and has stopped making contacts with bad company. He often brings his friends to the shelter home for youth fellowship.

Today we, along with Daniel, learn to forgive, to help, to love, and to believe that our future does not have to look like our past!


Daniel, who has experienced tragedy, loss, rejection, and abandonment, has hope today. He has come to know God, he has new friends, he is in a loving environment, and his life is headed in the right direction.

Two brothers receive a gift from heaven

In the summer of 2015, Mission Possible arranged a four-day camp for children at a recreation center in Yekaterinburg. More than seventy children attended, including two brothers, Kolya and Sasha.

The boys lived with their mother Valentina in a tiny one-room apartment in an old building on the outskirts of the city. Everything - both inside and outside - was dilapidated and broken. The electricity had been shut off due to non-payment, leaving them with neither light nor heat.

Valentina had been addicted to drugs for several years. In late September she became ill with pneumonia. We took the boys, who were nine and eleven years old, to our shelter home, and their mother was admitted to the hospital.

Kolya and Sasha were typical of children raised by the street and in great need. Being the oldest, Kolya was forced to steal to somehow provide food for his younger brother and mother.

When the boys came to us they were tough and arrogant, always ready to defend themselves against any challengers. They soon found, however, that there was no one in the large shelter home family they needed to defend themselves against. All the children and adults welcomed them warmly!

The brothers began to change incredibly quickly. They made friends and began to catch up in school, sitting with our teachers for three to four hours for homework sessions. They got involved in sports. Kolya is now one of the most eager helpers to our staff; he is attentive and responsible, always finding handyman projects to do.

Meanwhile, the mother left the hospital but didn’t hurry to retrieve her boys. Perhaps she knew they were much better off not living in a dark, ice-cold apartment.

During one of the evening prayers, Kolya and Sasha asked the teacher to teach them to pray. They repeated a prayer after her to invite Jesus into their hearts. Now both brothers fervently pray for their mother.

On New Year’s Eve the brothers asked God for the thing that was most dear to their hearts. On the second day of the New Year, the Lord gave them their request: their mother came to see them and decided to go to rehabilitation! A new year and the chance for a new life began for her through the prayers of her sons.


Kolya and Sasha had been hardened by life. In our shelter home, however, they quickly began to change. They made friends and caught up in school. They put their trust in Christ and began praying for their drug-addicted mother. As an answer to their prayers, she went to rehabilitation. This family now has hope!

This past Christmas Mission Possible teams were busy reaching out to thousands of children in juvenile detention centers, orphanages, schools, and needy families. They arranged Christian concerts and celebrations
and distributed practical aid as well as Christmas gifts.

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